Matlab for ME175, Spring 2006.

Notes and Codes:
  • ZieglerND.m integrates the Ziegler pendulum equations of motion and animates the results. The
    Ziegler pendulum exhibits Dissipation Induced Destabilization.
  • RGBcube.m displays a colored slice of the RGB cube, which can be rotated in three dimensions.
    For some reason, this GUI is extremely platform dependant; if anyone can fix this I'd be very happy to hear about it.
  • In lecture on March 1, we derived Lagrange's Equations for a constrained system of two particles.
    The m-file pendA.m integrates these equations with ode45, solves for the constraint forces, and produces
    an animation of the motion. We also touched on the dynamics of an n-chain, using planarchain.m to
    integrate the equations of motion and produce an animation.
  • parabola.m is a Matlab function that generates two images of a paraboloid, one of which is
    translucent and folliated by families of red and green lines (these could be coordinate curves in a
    curvilinear coordinate system).
  • Useful Links:
  • My Math128a site. Math128a is about numerical analysis; you may find some of the codes and
    postings helpful.
  • Mastering Matlab is a comprehensive, well written, and well illustrated Matlab bible. I highly
    recommend this book!
  • Matlab Online Help. This is the official Matlab website. It appears to contain a "getting started"
    tutorial for using Matlab. Also, it provides the help documentation for any Matlab function.
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