Math128a, Spring 2006.

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Various views of the solution space for Question 1 of Homework 9.
(Thanks to Chris! See code for these images here.)

New Postings:
  • My Solutions to Professor Neu's Rehersal Problem, (please also look at Jianlin's Solutions).
  • Midterm 2 and my scribbled notes on how to do the problems. If anyone finds errors please let
    me know, or if any of my steps are confusing, please let me know and I'll provide more detail.
  • CountDown:
    If there's anything in particular you'd like me to write up, please email me. The following lists when I will
    be available over the next week, (for info on Jianlin and Soorosh, see their websites).

    May 15-->Patch Office Hours, 1-4pm, 2165 Etcheverry Hall.
    May 16
    May 17-->Patch Office Hours, 11am-1pm, 2165 Etcheverry Hall.
    May 18-->FINAL EXAM, 8am, 4 Leconte Hall. Bring a bluebook, a calculator, and notes on one side of one piece of paper.
    May 19

    Good Luck on all your exams!!
    Notes and Codes:
  • Jianlin has written up some Notes on Drawing Phase Planes.
  • linearODE.m is a short MATLAB code for visualizing ODE solutions.
  • Trapezoidal Rule Error derivation, (even powers of h).
          This will NOT be on any quiz or test, but perhaps some of you will find it interesting. Thanks very much to Will Felder
          for finding some typos, (which I've corrected). If anyone finds more typos, please let me know.
  • Polynomial Interpolation Error Formulas, Proof Outlines, and notes on Constructing the Interpolating Polynomials.
  • quiz 2 solutions, as well as a concept from my approach to the second part of problem 1.
  • least squares notes, examples, and comments.
  • natural cubic splines derived differently than in lecture. (Don't use these to do Lab 5!!)
  • convergence rates of sequences, including why the secant method converges with order (1+sqrt(5))/2.
  • significant digits in fixed point iterations.
  • accelerating the convergence of fixed point iterations.
  • Very soon I will write up a discussion about the stability of fixed points at which |g'|=1.
  • logistic.m is a Matlab code for generating the logistic map.
  • fixedpt.m is a Matlab code for generating fixed point iteration step diagrams.
  • Course Documents:
  • Rehersal Problem.
  • Proffesor Neu's handwritten notes on PDEs.
  • Proffesor Neu's handwritten notes on Numerical Methods for ODEs.
  • Professor Neu's handwritten notes on ODEs: Part I and Part II.
  • Course Policy
  • Course Syllabus
  • People:
  • Professor: John Neu, Office Hours:
          Tuesday 1:00-2:30 in 1051 Evans.
          Thursday 1:30-3:00, also in 1051 Evans.
  • GSI Soroosh Yazdani,, Office Hours:
          Monday 11-1 in the Computer Lab.
  • GSI Jianlin Xia,, Office Hours:
          Tuesday 3-5 in the Computer Lab.
  • GSI Patch Kessler,, Office Hours:
          Monday 1-4 in the Computer Lab.
  • Useful Links and Additional Material:
  • A cool Polynomial Interpolation website.
  • Lecture Notes from an old version of Math128a are here.
  • My ME175 site. ME175 is about Lagrangian dynamics- think particles sliding over crazy
    surfaces, and satellites tumbling through space. I'll be posting codes at this site that demonstrate
    how to solve ODEs in Matlab, and more importantly how to interpret (i.e., visualize) ODE solutions.
  • Mastering Matlab is a comprehensive, well written, and well illustrated Matlab bible. I highly
    recommend this book! Copies are available at Cody's on Telegraph, (3 blocks from campus).
  • Matlab Online Help. This is the official Matlab website. It appears to contain a "getting started"
    tutorial for using Matlab. Also, it provides the help documentation for any Matlab function.
  • Home